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No matter what part of the world you live in, or how old you are, you must have heard the good old saying: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Well, you can “blame” Lenna Cooper for stating this as early as 1917. Although many discard this idea due to the fact that it was closely associated with the production of cereal, there is so much truth in it. Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and it should consist of PANCAKES!


How to Find Pancakes Near Me?

The Benefits of Having Pancakes for Breakfast

As we already said breakfast is important but a breakfast that is full of nutrients, contains protein and is easy to digest: not the usual cereal breakfast or bacon and eggs. These are not your best choices and are a result of two very different frenzies that took upon people. The first one, as we already said served as a marketing gimmick, and the second one was the result of Edward Bernays, a nephew of Sigmund Freud, taking some medical advice out of context and simply giving people what they needed: A fatty breakfast choice as opposed to the low-calorie one that cereal is.

The best breakfast in the world should consist of pancakes! There are so many different varieties of pancakes that one can eat a different, yet healthy and delicious breakfast every day of the year!

How to Prepare Pancakes

Although all of the pancake recipes vary, and you can always search for “pancakes near me” instead of actually preparing pancakes yourselves. Here are 5 easy steps to approach every pancake recipe!

Step 1

Put the dry ingredients into a medium bowl. (flour, sugar, baking powder, salt).

Step 2

In a separate bowl whisk the wet ingredients together. (milk, butter (or oil), and egg)

Step 3

Make a well in the center of the dry ingredients and pour the wet ones in. Whisk everything together until well incorporated. (Don’t overmix the batter if you want fluffy pancakes).

Step 4

With a scoop pour less than a ¼ cupful of batter onto the griddle or into the skillet.

Step 5

Cook until golden brown, or until bubbles start appearing. Flip and cook for 2 more minutes.

Pancakes for a Specific Diet

Since we are aware that you will type in “pancakes near me” even though you are on a specific diet, we’ve got you covered. But just in case you are in the mood of preparing your own pancakes here are a few tips:


If you are a vegan, or are curious as to what vegan pancakes taste like be sure to do the following:

Make your own “vegan egg”. Combine a tablespoon of ground flax seed/chia seeds (measure after grinding) with 3 tablespoons of water and stir well.  Place the mixture in the fridge and let it sit there for 15 minutes. You will get a sticky egg-like substitute that you can easily incorporate into your pancake batter.

Swap the regular dairy milk with a vegan milk. The choices go from almond and coconut milk to rice and soy milk depending on the specific pancake recipe (and to your palate, of course).

Top your pancakes with the regular maple syrup, or try agave nectar, date syrup or molasses, don’t do the mistake of topping them with honey. Honey is NOT a vegan ingredient.


First of all, let us say a word or two about the Paleo diet itself. The word paleo stems from “Paleolithic” and refers to the way Paleolithic people ate in that era. People following this diet eat foods that are thought to have been accessible to Paleolithic humans: organic foods, vegetables, roots, fruits and even meat. They avoid dairy products, and refined products, processed oils, salt, sugar, as well as alcohol and coffee. To sum up: only organic, no processed foods!

Flour. Since the regular all-purpose flour, as well as the whole grain and whole wheat flours, are processed, they cannot be implemented into your pancake batter. Instead go for a nutty flour (almond is preferred) or coconut flour, both great for pancakes.

Milk. As I previously said no dairy products are allowed. So, go ahead and use the vegan suggestions mentioned above.

Sugar. No sugar, no stevia. Use honey!

Oil. You can only use olive oil, the extra virgin one to be more precise, or coconut, walnut, macadamia, and avocado oil.

#Gluten Free Pancakes

People with celiac disease are gluten intolerant. Since gluten is present in cereal grains, especially wheat, the ingredient that you should be careful with when preparing pancakes is the flour.

Oat flour is one of the most commonly used substitutes. But mind you, not all oat flours are gluten free. Get the natural oats, since it all comes down to the milling process, i.e. whether the oats came in touch with gluten flours. Another flour alternative is the buckwheat flour. It does contain the word “wheat”, but this flour does not contain wheat or gluten. Coconut, almond and rice flours are also great alternatives.

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Different Pancake Ingredients and the Benefits of Eating Them

We are all very well aware of the wide range of ingredients that can make their way into a pancake batter. So here are some of the best ones, both for flavor enhancement, and health boost!


Not only will chocolate give your pancakes a sweet and irresistible taste, it will also help in improving your mood! Chocolate is rich in phenylethylamine (PEA), the element that stimulates the brain to create the feel-good endorphins that make us feel good. You can implement chocolate in your pancake batter in many different ways.

Use cocoa powder! 1/3 to ¼ of a cup depending on the recipe.

Fold chocolate chips into the batter! You can use either sweet or semi-sweet ones.

Don’t forget the chocolate syrup! For the ultimate chocolate experience, prepare a chocolate syrup and top your pancakes with it.

Note: In order to prevent your chocolate chips from sinking to the bottom, get some of the flour you are to use for the pancakes and toss the chocolate chips in it. Coat them and proceed to fold them into the batter.


Not only are nuts great to eat as snacks, they are also a powerhouse of health benefits. Since they are rich in potassium (which has a huge part in regulating blood pressure), nuts can promote heart-health. Among other things, nuts are great for the bone health as well (being a great source of magnesium and phosphorous give them this feature). Need your energy boosted? The manganese and copper nuts contain will get you covered!

You can use them as a flour, ground in the batter, or as toppings.

Note: Roast the nuts in order to enhance the nutty flavor of your pancakes.


Berries have a great impact on our health. Not to mention they always manage to get the most in terms of taste. From sweet to tangy, every bite of pancakes that contain berries is as delicious as ever. The reason for this lies in the fact that they contain color pigments called anthocyanins, these antioxidants are great guards of the cardiovascular system and have the ability to regulate the sugar levels in our blood. Some berries, say raspberries contain ellagic acid, a compound known for its anti-cancerous properties. Berries are also rich in fiber, so they are more than important for a healthy digestive system and among other things they can improve brain function and bone health.

There are a number of ways you can incorporate berries in pancakes. Fold them in, blend them or simply use them as a topping.

National Pancake Varieties

In case you are in for something slightly different than our typical American pancakes, then check whether one of the pancakes near me restaurants offers some of the following varieties.

  • Dutch Baby (German Pancake)

The Dutch Baby pancake is a one skillet pancake that originates from Germany. Although it is famous in America as a Dutch baby, the name itself is a mispronunciation of the word “Deutsch”, which means German, and this is a breakfast dish that is very popular in Germany.

The recipe for these “babies” calls for eggs, milk, and sugar. When you prepare the batter make sure it is thicker than the one for crepes and thinner than the one for American pancakes. Once your batter is done just pour it into the skillet all at once. Pit the skillet into the oven and in a few minutes the pancake will puff and its edges will start to turn golden and slightly crispy.

As for the serving part, you can go the traditional way: served with vanilla and cinnamon, butter and powdered sugar. But you can also use maple syrup, berries, fruits or whipped cream. It is all the matter of preference!

  • Greek Pancakes

The Greek pancakes are more than delicious! In Greece, they go by the name tiganites, and can be found in both sweet and savory versions. As for the batter, the tiganites won’t require milk, but water (lukewarm water). This is the reason why so many people would classify these pancakes as more of a bread than a pancake. If you want the sweet version, serve the pancakes with walnuts, honey and toasted sesame seeds. The savory version, on the other hand, would call for white onions and a bit of fresh mint.

  • Russian Pancakes

Even though the Russian pancakes (blinis) look a lot like crepes they are most certainly different! In fact, the Russian pancakes are made with buckwheat flour. Now, depending on whether you want sweet or savory pancakes you can also add grated potato, grated apples, or raisins in the batter. As for serving anything from butter, honey, and jam to sour cream and caviar will do.

  • Swedish Pancakes

Served with fruits and jams, the Swedish pancakes are pretty tasty. Although they look like the French crêpes, the Swedes call them pannkakor. For an all-Swedish experience top these with lingonberries. If you don’t want to use pancakes near me to fin the closest place that serves these pancakes, then you should follow the following tricks:

Make sure your frying pan is thick enough (you don’t want them to burn).

Give the pan a generous greasing.

If you are preparing pannakakor on a Thursday, serve themwith pea soup for the ultimate Swedish adventure!

  • Indian Pancakes

The dosa pancakes are made out of a fermented batter. These too, look like crêpes but they are prepared with rice (say basmati rice) and black gram. Almost always you should serve these hot along with vegetables and sauces. A lentil-based vegetable stew (sambar), idli podi (a mixture of ground dry spices) and pickled fruits and veggies are the most common toppings for the dosa pancakes.

  • Japanese Pancakes

Ok, now we are off to the savory pancakes. The cabbage based Japanese pancakes called Okonomiyaki are definitely worth your while! It is a bit strange to eat a pancake made with cabbage, but it isn’t necessarily yucky. In fact, the Japanese pancakes are among the tastiest ones you will ever try! Made with anything from zucchini to carrots, to meat even, these leave a lot of space for experimenting. The name itself translates into “how you like it”, so if you find a pancake near me restaurant that serves these, be prepared to be given the ingredients and make the pancakes yourselves. Fun!

  • Chinese Pancakes

The Chinese pancakes called Cong You Bing, are hotcakes made with green onions, and mastering them is not at all difficult. Made from unleavened dough rolled into layers with scallions and oil, they are crispy on the outside, and soft in the center. The sweet aroma of the caramelized scallions and their fun texture makes these pancakes a must try! Dip them in soy sauce and enjoy. Yum!

  • Korean Pancakes

If you get the Korean word for garlic (Buchu) and the Korean word for pancake you will get The Buchujeon! These incredibly delicious savory pancakes made with Korean garlic chives are incredibly tasty and very unusual indeed. The Korean chives have a garlicky taste and their leaves are a darker green than the scallions we know of. Feel free to enhance the batter’s flavor by implementing seafood or more vegetables into it. These too are gorgeous when dipped in soy sauce!

Now that we’ve made your mouth water, the only thing left for you to do is either prepare some of these pancakes, or simply order a stack from one of the pancakes near me restaurants.

The Best Pancakes Near Me - The Original Pancake House

Whenever you feel like eating pancakes, the first venue that comes to mind is the Original Pancake House. This chain of pancake-serving restaurants brings your favorite breakfast treat close to you, wherever you are in the States.

The first Original Pancake House was opened in Portland in 1953 and offered traditional pancake recipes from around the world. Today, OPH restaurants are found in 28 states from Alabama to Wisconsin, in over 100 locations, offering classics like apple pancakes, 49er flapjack, and Dutch baby. Don’t bother typing ‘gluten-free pancakes near me’, they have that too! The OPH menu also offers other breakfast items like omelets and Eggs Benedict.

The Original Pancake House is considered to be one of the best in the USA, so it is no wonder it became an international enterprise, expanding to Korea and Japan.

Breakfast Near Me - Other Popular Pancake Venues in the States

However, the Original Pancake House is not the only place that offers amazing pancakes. You can enjoy all the pancake varieties you can imagine, from simple traditional recipes to avant-garde creations and mash-ups in every American state. Here is a collection of the best of them.

Pancake Places Near Me – New York

#1 Clinton Street Baking Company, Lower East Side, NYC

This pancake restaurant has managed to convince even the biggest infidels that it indeed makes the best pancakes in NY. Try wild Maine blueberry, banana walnut, or chocolate chunk. If you visit them in February, they make specialties in honor of the National Pancake Day like Swedish apple or Japanese pumpkin pancakes. The only problem is that this place is so busy, you might have to wait for a while. But it’s worth it!

#2 The Wild Son, West Village, NYC

One of the reasons people love this restaurant is the fact that it serves pancakes/breakfast until late. Also, they are known for using quality ingredients in all of their breakfast items. The Wild Son has a menu that includes stars such as gluten-free buckwheat pancakes with orange turmeric butter and buttermilk pancakes with warm honey butter.

#3 Tom’s, Brooklyn, NYC

If you are not a fan of crowded restaurants, Tom’s is not for you. But if you are in NYC and googling ‘good pancakes near me’, be sure that this restaurant will pop up among the first on the list. Tom’s will make it up to you for waiting with fluffy pancakes on the house! However, you won’t be served only plain pancakes. The stacks are complemented with whipped butter in various flavors like strawberry, honey, and cinnamon. You decide if it is worth the wait!

Pancakes Near Me – Washington D.C.

#4 Market Lunch, Eastern Market, D.C.

This Washington D.C. institution has been serving hearty breakfast and lunch comfort food inside the historic Eastern Market since 1978. The star on their menu are the blueberry-buckwheat pancakes, also known as "blue-bucks". These flapjacks are everything a pancake should be - light, fluffy, soft, and juicy, but sadly, they are only sold at weekends. No wonder there are long lines of people waiting to taste this delight.

Gluten-Free Pancakes Near Me – New Jersey

#5 Uncle Bill’s Pancake House, Jersey Shore

Uncle Bill’s Pancake House is a real NJ institution! This family-run restaurant has been around for more than 50 years and is famous for its family-friendly and old fashioned diner-style atmosphere. Uncle Bill’s has introduced gluten-free pancake recipes to all eight locations, thus complementing the already rich menu which contains over fifteen types of pancakes, from classic buttermilk (made following the same recipe for four decades) to blueberry and potato.

Places to Eat Pancakes Near Me – Massachusetts

#6 The Paramount, Boston

The Paramount restaurant has been a Boston favorite since 1937, serving fresh and delicious food throughout the whole day. All of their delicious, fluffy pancake stacks are served with powdered sugar and whipped butter on top.

#7 Roadside Store and Café, Monterey

This restaurant is nearby its own farm which provides fresh supplies of cheese, eggs, homemade granola, and yogurt. They are famous for their huge pancakes (the server might try to talk you off the large one, listen to him, he’s right!) and are served with a small container of maple syrup.

Places to Eat Pancakes Near Me – New Hampshire

#8 Benton’s Sugar Shack, Thornton

This family business started with producing maple syrup, later evolving into a place where people could sit and eat before skiing. They first served a basic pancake platter, but today you can choose from a wide array of hotcakes submerged in delicious New Hampshire maple syrup, from strawberry shortcake to coconut banana cream pie, peaches and cream, or design your own!

Pancakes Near Me – Pennsylvania

#9 Green Eggs Café, Philadelphia

All the locations of this brunch-style, eco-conscious restaurant recycle glass, aluminum, plastics, and paper, while serving high-quality food and taking care that none of it goes to waste. You got to love them! When it comes to pancakes, it's all about red velvet beauties with strawberry mascarpone, whipped cream, and chocolate morsels, topped with Chantilly cream, maple syrup, and fresh strawberries!

Pancakes Near Me – South Carolina

#10 Hominy Grill, Charleston

Located in the historic city of Charleston, this restaurant feels like it has been opened for years, even though it only exists since the 1990s. The restaurant serves amazing classic buttermilk pancakes. If you like these fluffy flapjacks, download the recipe from their website!

Pancakes Near Me – Florida

#11 Blue Heaven, Key West

This restaurant is a real heaven for those who have partied all night. Straight from the party for a "Breakfast with the roosters". Breakfast is served until 2 pm, so there’s no problem if you oversleep. Try their fresh pancakes from scratch, called Richard’s Very Good Pancakes, that are made for two and served with banana, pineapple, pecan, blueberry, or Sternitzsky’s pure maple syrup.

#12 Organic Bites, Miami

Gluten-free pancakes near me? You got it! They are not only gluten-free but also made of organic ingredients and super-delicious, containing banana, caramelized pecans, caramel sauce and creme fraiche. Eat your sweet treat with a glass of fresh juice, made of preselected mixes or mix your own combo!

Pancakes Near Me – Tennessee

#13 Pancake Pantry, Nashville

This legendary restaurant has been loved by Nashvillians since the 1960s, when it was founded, mostly because of the warm and friendly atmosphere, but also because of the ‘uncommonly good pancakes’, served in over 20 different varieties, ranging from old-fashioned buttermilk to crepes, Caribbean, Swiss chocolate chip, plus sweet and savory potato pancakes.

Pancakes for Breakfast Near Me – Michigan

#14 The Hudson Café, Detroit

Known for the good service, but also for the amazing teas and spiced chai latte, this chill restaurant has a wide choice of pancake options. The place offers gluten-free pancakes with pecans and banana, but also more lavish options like red velvet, Oreo, Cinna bunn, and chunky monkey.

#15 The Laundry, Fenton

The funky Laundry is considered one of the top breakfast locations, due to its amazing breakfast items and great cocktails. The pancakes are also fantastic - the star of the rich breakfast menu is a flapjack trio comprised of the banana hotcake named Fat Elvis, strawberries and cream, plus Brie and bacon. This sweet-savory combo is topped with maple syrup and apple cinnamon compote.

Pancakes Near Me - Wisconsin

#16 Smoke Snack, Milwaukee

This restaurant allows you to have both of your favorite American foods in one – pancakes and barbecue! The menu is not large, but manages to make perfect blends of carbs and protein - sweet potato pancakes, savory with pulled pork and Carolina mustard sauce or sweet, with whipped cream, toasted pecans, and apple syrup. A real barbecue brunch!

Pancakes Near Me – Illinois

#17 Kingsbury Street Café, Chicago

Dubbed the loveliest breakfast location in Chicago, Kingsbury is known to have the best whole wheat carrot pancakes, which pair perfectly with the restaurant’s famous cool melon-ginger juice. If you want a healthy breakfast, order them plain. If you want to go decadent, order the same stack, but topped with their decadent maple cream cheese and crunchy pecans.

#18 Pannenkoeken Café, Chicago

This tiny and cozy breakfast restaurant located in the heart of Lincoln Square offers huge, puffed, oven-baked German/Dutch baby pancakes in numerous varieties. Try their savory pannenkoeken with cheese, sausage, and mushrooms. If you are more into sweet things, choose the apple-cheese-raisin combo. Order extra ingredients to top your pancakes for only 2$!

#19 Wildberry Pancakes and Café, Chicago

The restaurant’s location is near the Millennium Park, but that is certainly not the only reason it is so popular. The breakfast menu is amazing, but what really attracts people here are the pancakes. As the name suggests, berries are the predominant topping – fresh berries, blackberry coulis, berry mascarpone. And that’s not all! Treat your kid with a tall stack of Oreo or S'More flapjacks and order the sweet and savory, pancake-omelet-like combo called Rocky Mountain Crepes for yourself!

Pancakes Near Me – Louisiana

#20 Coulis, New Orleans

This diner-style restaurant is a budget-friendly location, where you can eat for less than $10. The place is committed to preparing traditional Southern food with a Latin twist and is famous for its short stack, richly dusted with powdered sugar.

Places to Eat Pancakes Near Me – Texas

#21 Snooze, Houston

Long waits are usual, but that is just a proof of how good the pancakes are in this restaurant. Everybody is talking about Snooze’s signature sweet potato buttermilk pancakes topped with candied pecans homemade caramel and ginger butter. The restaurant also offers a ‘pancake flight’ or ‘pancake trio’ option, where you can choose three different flavors of pancakes (all this in a tempting menu section titled ‘Sweet Utopia’), and it also encourages you to customize your meals.

#22 John’s Cafe, Dallas

This restaurant has better pancakes than the Original Pancake House, according to some of its customers. The sweet ones, as they say, are fluffy, thick, rich, and delicious, especially those with banana, but the real hit are the savory flapjacks with shredded hash browns, as well as those served with eggs and bacon or with a veggie omelet.

Pancakes Near Me – Kansas

#23 Kate’s Kitchen, Kansas City

This friendly, family-run restaurant offers breakfast and lunch menus made of fresh ingredients. They take pride in their pancakes made from scratch. Try the Fruit-a-licious stack which has three varieties - banana, dried cranberries, granola; blueberry; and apples, pecans, cinnamon.

Pancakes Near Me – Minnesota

#24 Hot Plate – Minneapolis

This restaurant is known for their seriously big pancakes! Customers witness they are as big as pizzas and insanely good, especially the ones with homemade lingonberry butter and Minnesota maple syrup.

Gluten-free Pancakes Near Me – Montana

#25 The Inn on the Gallatin, Blue Sky

The Inn was founded in the 1950s on the Gallatin River. It offers fully equipped cabins, world-class fly fishing, and amazing breakfast items, including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options upon request. Try the Grandma's Buttermilk Pancakes, stacked high and served with butter and warm maple syrup or the Homemade crepes with Nutella and fresh bananas.

Good Pancakes Near Me - Colorado

#26 Village Coffee Shop, Boulder

The restaurant looks very old-fashioned, making you feel like you are back in 1970 when it was first opened. Besides keeping the looks, this breakfast venue has also been using the same pancake recipe all this time. And let me tell you, the flapjacks are fluffy and come in huge portions! There are three basic pancake varieties here: buttermilk, chocolate chips, and blueberry, but you can choose to pair them with whatever you want. The Village Coffee Shop is called the ‘Mecca of healthy organic eating’. One more thing, if you are visiting the restaurant for the first time, you will be welcomed with an applause!

Pancakes Near Me – Minnesota

#27 Uptown Diner, Minneapolis

Get cozy in this diner’s boots while waiting to be served with their always fresh pancakes coming straight from pancake heaven. Their most-wanted one is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancake - stuffed with cookie dough, drizzled with chocolate, and topped with whipped cream. If you are more of a fruit person, order the pineapple upside-down buttermilk pancakes topped with vanilla crème and cinnamon butter!

Places to Eat Pancakes Near Me -  California

#28 The Griddle, Hollywood

This pretty expensive pancake restaurant is a real Hollywood institution whose menu contains unique pancake recipes like Golden Ticket (bananas baked with brown sugar and topped with caramel, streusel, and walnuts) or Saturday Morning Fever (Kahlua and Bailey's in the batter). They also sell exclusive packages of red velvet pancake mix and buttermilk pancake mix for those that crave the original ‘Griddle’ taste but are unable to visit the restaurant.

#29 Mymy, San Francisco

There are two reasons to visit this restaurant – the banana blueberry soufflé pancakes, that are so light and fluffy, customers have compared them to clouds, and the lemon ricotta pancakes, which are insanely thick and really stuffed with ricotta cheese!

Good Pancakes Near Me – Hawaii

#30 Slappy Cakes, Maui

One needs to eat great pancakes even when on vacation. After starting in Portland, the brunch town and home of the Original Pancake House, this fun family restaurant expanded to several locations in Asia and Hawaii. Slappy Cakes’ Hawaiian location serves The Sweetheart, consisting of red velvet hotcakes, macadamia nuts, white chocolate chips, strawberry sauce, and vanilla buttercream frosting. In addition, you can choose a ‘make pancakes at your table’ option!

Pancakes Delivery Near Me

Most of these restaurants offer a timely delivery. There is nothing like a large pancake stack to make your day! Order your favorite pancakes and wait for them to be delivered at your doorstep in no time!



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